Travel: packing tips for any trip

prepare suitcase holidays shoes clothes phone

prepare suitcase holidays shoes clothes phone

Are you planning a trip soon? Whether it is a short break or dream holidays on the other side of the world you will need to pack. Packing is not the easiest when preparing a trip. We often have trouble deciding what to bring or what is best for a short or long trip. Let’s go over some packing tips that could help you for your future vacations.

Choosing outfits

One of the first things we tend to plan when preparing a trip is our clothes. Wether you are esacaping the cold by going on a island in winter or planning a city break, clothes are an important part of your suitcase content. First, not to overpack, count the days and go over the activities you plan to do during your holidays. Accordingly, choose clothes that are suitable and that you will be able to wear. For example, no need for high heels shoes if you plan to walk all day in old towns. To pack the smart way, plan your outfits. The best way to do it is to bring clothes that can all go together. Thus you avoid bringing too many tops because one goes with black pants and another with the red skirt. Plan outfits in advance and bring pieces that easily match. This way, you do not overpack and you still have multiple outfits possibilities with few pieces of clothing.

What to bring?

Once you have your clothes and shoes, decide what to pack according what you will need during your trip. For example, you are going on a short city break and you are not sure you have enough space to bring your big camera and an extra battery. Why not take pictures with your phone and only bring an iPhone memory stick to store them all? You will gain significant space. If you are travelling to a different time zone and you are afraid to sleep poorly, try to bring your sleep bracelet to monitor your needs in terms of sleep and rest. If you only bring a hand luggage, remember to check airport security rules to avoid having to abandon items you care about. This is particularly important for beauty products.