Aquatique Show: amazing shows around the world

water light show

If you are looking for an original way of traveling around the world, you can choose to follow Aquatique Show and see amazing shows in different countries and cities. This can be a fun and extraordinary trip. Attending quality shows while traveling and discovering new cultures is a great way to go around the world.


Aquatique Show created several musical fountain shows in France for different occasions. Some are still in place so you can still go and check out these amazing installations. In Paris, you can for example watch a show in the Grand Rex for the launch of each new Disney production. This includes the movie but also a water light show. If you travel to the West of France, to the Puy du Fou, you can see an amazing show, at night during summer, with amazing volunteers and water shows. Once in the Puy du Fou, you are not far from the Atlantic Ocean, so you can also go and enjoy a nice day at the beach.

United States

Numerous shows use Aquatique Show expertise in the united States. For example, in her show in Las Vegas, Celine Dion uses this technique for the famous song My Heart Will Go On, with an incredible water curtain. This technology is also used at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino Hotel. There, a magnificient water show and water screen are in place. As the United States is a very big country, you can make the most of a trip to Las Vegas to visit California for example.

Amusement parks

Finally, whenever you go to Disney Land Paris, you can see the amazing show arounf the Sleeping Beauty Castle and the water works are made by Aquatique Show.  In Port aventura, in Spain, you can also attend to a great show using lights and water.