How to beat jet lag and spend great holidays

flights airport

flights airport

What we commonly call being jet lagged is when our body tries to adjust to a new time zone when we are traveling. This can sometimes make holidays difficult at the beginning because most of the time jet lag consists in being very tired, having difficulty to eat or event concentrate. Here are a few tips to beat jet lag and spend the great holidays you have been waiting for.

Before and during the flight

The first tip is about choosing your flight. If possible, making a stopover and splitting the trip can be a really good idea. It allows you to adjust step by step and rest better. If it is not possible, try to choose a night flight so you can sleep on the plane without breaking your schedule too much. Another great tip regarding the flight is to try to arrive at your destination during the day and not by night. For example, if you have a flight from Atlanta to Paris, try arriving in Paris in the morning so you can start the day normally and try to set your body to the Parisian time. By the way, set your watch to the time of your destination as soon as you land to be prepared mentally.

bed sleep tired

After you land

After a flight from San Francisco to Paris

for example, it is normal to be tired. So you should get sleep if you need it and rest. But you also should catch the rythm to set your body to the new time zone. The most important thing is to eat 3 times a day like you would normally. Try to eat the right meal at the right moment of the day. It can be difficult at the beginning because you will not always be hungry when it is time to eat but you will adapt. Do not forget to drink a lot as well and stay hydrated. Finally, enjoy your holiday, rest when you need it and have fun!