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Custom-made medals: what better way to remember where you’ve been?

Customized medals as a way to share your travels

Customized medals as a way to share your travels

We’re so accustomed to snapping away on our smartphones these days. So much so, that we barely even consider other ways in which we can take back an image of a place that has particularly resonated with us. Just maybe, the traditional art of customized medals could offer a real antidote to those thousands of pictures that never get looked at on our laptops?

A holiday tradition that never went out of fashion: customized medals:

Creating customized medal designs

has been big business for a long time. Initially most medals were produced for commemorative reasons or to reward individuals for specific achievements. However, with increased leisure time and prosperity came more opportunities for people to enjoy holidays and foreign travel. Naturally, people wanted a reminder of their time away, or perhaps to buy a small present for friends and family back home. Medals were an excellent choice, being aesthetically pleasing, easy to carry and durable. Today, nothing has changed – except for the technology behind medal manufacturing, making it easier than ever before to produce accurate, beautiful, hard-wearing designs. As a result, medals continue to be made by the million!

Stand out from the crowd with medals made just for you

Many tourist industry professionals are taking advantage of modern technology’s capabilities to put a new spin on a well-established product – and to have medals tailor-made to their exact specifications. For example, modern lathes are used to trim edges with far more accuracy than was possible in the past, thanks to the use of CNC machinery. Effects like intaglio or sunken relief – a very ancient tradition in medal making – can now be produced by using the electrical discharge machining (or ‘spark’ machining) approach. This technique uses the discharge of electrical current between two electrodes to remove metal from the surface of a medal in a way that can be done more quickly and precisely than using older methods. Meanwhile, antique finishes and electro-plating add to the aesthetic options on offer.

What is Home Exchange

We offer you the opportunity to register and exchange your private home, cottage house, motor home or yacht!

The principle of exchanging, bartering or swapping your house is well know – the principle of exchanging your motor home or yacht gives you even more options and variety.

What you get is a free stay and a different vacation living more or less as a local. Saving your accomodation-, car- or yacht- rental expenses makes it possible for your travelling dream come true. Or maybe you want to travel some more for the same amount of money!

You can choose to exchange your private home with another person or familys private home which is great.

But sometimes its hard to make the time period match and sometimes you would like to try something else! Say having a yact in Norway and feeling like a summercruise in a motorhome in Australia? Or having a timeshare apartment in Lanzarote and feeling like a metropolitan vacation in London?

Or what about the person or family whos only consideration and desire is walking distance to the beach? Or the opportunity to hike or play golf? Or the access to kitchen appliances and hot and cold water?

Searching the database of People Travel the World could surprise you. Maybe you did’nt know golfing was great in Norway? Or surfing was great in Switzerland?