What is Home Exchange

We offer you the opportunity to register and exchange your private home, cottage house, motor home or yacht!

The principle of exchanging, bartering or swapping your house is well know – the principle of exchanging your motor home or yacht gives you even more options and variety.

What you get is a free stay and a different vacation living more or less as a local. Saving your accomodation-, car- or yacht- rental expenses makes it possible for your travelling dream come true. Or maybe you want to travel some more for the same amount of money!

You can choose to exchange your private home with another person or familys private home which is great.

But sometimes its hard to make the time period match and sometimes you would like to try something else! Say having a yact in Norway and feeling like a summercruise in a motorhome in Australia? Or having a timeshare apartment in Lanzarote and feeling like a metropolitan vacation in London?

Or what about the person or family whos only consideration and desire is walking distance to the beach? Or the opportunity to hike or play golf? Or the access to kitchen appliances and hot and cold water?

Searching the database of People Travel the World could surprise you. Maybe you did’nt know golfing was great in Norway? Or surfing was great in Switzerland?

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