What are amenities in a campsite ?


Choosing a camping facility for your next vacation can be quick and simple. All you need is a checklist with the key features to look for when you compare several offers. Here are our picks for the most essential amenities […]

Reasons to buy an apartment in the mountains

The reasons for buying an apartment in the mountains usually fall into two distinct categories: business and pleasure. Let’s look at the pleasure side of things first! Your dream Alpine holiday home! Firstly, there are the obvious bonuses associated with […]

Travel: packing tips for any trip

prepare suitcase holidays shoes clothes phone

Are you planning a trip soon? Whether it is a short break or dream holidays on the other side of the world you will need to pack. Packing is not the easiest when preparing a trip. We often have trouble […]

Custom-made medals: what better way to remember where you’ve been?

Customized medals as a way to share your travels

We’re so accustomed to snapping away on our smartphones these days. So much so, that we barely even consider other ways in which we can take back an image of a place that has particularly resonated with us. Just maybe, […]

Aquatique Show: amazing shows around the world

water light show

If you are looking for an original way of traveling around the world, you can choose to follow Aquatique Show and see amazing shows in different countries and cities. This can be a fun and extraordinary trip. Attending quality shows […]

How to beat jet lag and spend great holidays

flights airport

What we commonly call being jet lagged is when our body tries to adjust to a new time zone when we are traveling. This can sometimes make holidays difficult at the beginning because most of the time jet lag consists […]

Everything you need to know about Avoriaz, the green ski resort

Avoriaz is a ski resort located in the exact center of one of the biggest skiing area of the world: Les Portes du Soleil. Ecologist before it was even trending, Avoriaz was built to be fully car-free. That means every […]

Why go to a ski resort in summer?

mountains in summer

We often think that ski resorts are typical winter destinations. However, it is also possible to go on vacation in a ski resort in summer. You will experience a totally different getaway but have as much fun as in winter. […]

Discovering the world through education

When the urge to explore the world starts at a young age it is not always easy to actually visit different countries. But there are other ways  to discover new countries and cultures, for example, thanks to education. Focus on […]

How to get ready for your winter holidays?

Nice ski resort in the moutains

You finally planned your winter holidays in the Alps and now you have to actually prepare your trip. If you don’t know where to start, what to bring or what to do, keep on reading, we will give you some […]