How to get ready for your winter holidays?

Nice ski resort in the moutains

You finally planned your winter holidays in the Alps and now you have to actually prepare your trip. If you don’t know where to start, what to bring or what to do, keep on reading, we will give you some advice to properly get ready for your winter holidays.

Step by step: preparing your winter holidays

Make reservations

Now that you have planned your trip you need to make all the reservations necessary for your stay. First of all, you need to book transportation tickets if needed. You can also choose to go by car as you will probably have quite a lot of luggage (if you bring your own ski equipment for example).

Then, you have to make a decision regarding the accomodation. There are many choices in every ski resort. To spend relaxing holidays in Chamonix for example, you can choose a high-end residence such as MGM, where you can be pampered. You can also decide to rent a typical chalet or stay at a hotel. It really only depends on what you want and your budget.

Cosy chalet in a high-end residence

Once you have booked your transportation and accomodation, you may need to rent some equipment. If you want to ski but don’t have the necessary equipment, you can rent it for the lenght of your stay or just a few days. Sometimes, hotels can get you some nice deals so don’t hesitate to check that when booking a room.

Physical preparation

As you decided to ski and now that you have booked your equipment, you may want to start a bit of physical preparation. Indeed, skiing is a sport we don’t do often and which requires a quite good physical condition. You can for example start running a little or do squats a few weeks before your holidays. This will prevent you from getting sore muscles right after the first day on the slopes.

Skiing in a nice ski resort

If you already are in good physical shape you can skip this step.

Start packing

Finally, you are only a few days away from the slopes and the snow. It is now time to start packing. Regarding where you are staying, you will not pack the same things. If you rented a chalet you may need to bring some sheets and towels. You can check on your reservation if they are provided or not.

If you decided to stay in a hotel or a premium residence, then you don’t need them, just the usual things you bring when travelling, plus warm and ski clothes. But don’t forget to bring your swimsuit as many residences have steaming rooms, saunas, pools, jacuzzis… You can enjoy some relaxing après-ski time!