How do you arrange everything for the better

Bills – sort out and agree which bills you and your partner will pay. Many home exchangers find it generally works well to continue paying their own household bills apart from the telephone bill.

If you normally employ domestic help, then you should continue to pay for that service whilst your exchange partners are in residence. However, if the guest exchanger hires someone for the duration of his/her stay, payment is his/her responsibility.

Repair to household appliances – may agree to reimburse your exchange partners for small emergency repairs, but ask them to consult with you before arranging expensive repairs.

Plant care – if your guests agree to water your plants for you, stick to simple requests. Unless you are setting up a long term exchange, plants will survive without fertilizers, foods and supplements until you return.

Yard and garden care – few people want to spend hours of their vacation tending someone else’s yard. This is one instance where the homeowner should definitely arrange for outside yard and pool care so as not the burden the guests.

Insurance – check that your home insurance remains in effect while your guests are there. Normally home insurance is in effect for up to thirty days of guest occupancy. If the proposed exchange will be for longer than thirty days you may have to make some alternative arrangements. Check with your insurance agent.