Information Package

Real Estate informations

Leaflets, maps, recommended local restaurants, bus and train timetables may add considerable information to the local links and travelling links you already listed when registered.

Your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor’s Bureau will be able to help with local items and your state Office of Tourism will supply you with a statewide packet. Use a local street map to mark locations and routes for your guests to places of interest, recommended restaurants, supermarket, mall, etc.

Real Estate informations
Real Estate informations

Instruction leaflets for appliances, TV, VCR, air conditioning and heating systems. Indicate the location of your electric panel and gas and water shut-offs. If you are located in an earthquake area include appropriate leaflets. If you have a burglar alarm system, leave a copy of the instructions in the folder and also give a copy to your agent so that they can familiarize your guests with necessary procedures before any false alarms are triggered.

If your guests will be caring for pets and/or plants leave clearly written instructions.

If you are exchanging cars, leave copies of your insurance and registration (not originals). Also leave a booklet obtainable from your DMV outlining driving rules and regulations for your state.

List arrangements for trash collection, milk or bottled water deliveries, etc.

If you have arranged for yard and/or pool maintenance leave details so that your guests will not be surprised by their arrival.