Spoil yourself with a wintertime spa at Les Arcs ski resort!

The winter can all too easily leave us feeling a bit under the weather, physically and emotionally. Why not combine the physical challenge of skiing with some pampering après-ski activities at the Deep Nature Spa in the Les Arcs 1950 […]

This is why Provence is what you need!

Why do most people go on holiday? Some enjoy the adventure of seeing new places, but for most of us, it’s generally about getting away from it all. And there are few better places in the world to do that […]

The Royal Antibes luxury hotel – live the good life to the full!

The acme of sophistication, the Royal Antibes luxury hotel lives up to its name with a full range of services fit for a king, from spa to private beach. Looking for hotels in Antibes? Look no further than the Royal […]

Freeriding, coming to a ski resort near you!

Sports are subject to vogues and fashions like most things in life. One growing trend in the world of winter sports is the interest in alternative ways of enjoying skiing. ‘Freeriding’, which involves getting off-piste into the ‘back country’ is […]

Heading to Europe? Choose a France data sim smartphone package!

The European continent is relatively compact, and many people who visit Europe do so intending to go to several different European countries. This poses the problem of how to keep in touch with friends and family back home, as well […]

Are you ready for the summer holidays?

The great European holiday exodus has begun, with tens of millions leaving desks and schoolrooms behind to enjoy everything this amazing continent has to offer. With myriad great city break destinations, glorious national parks, wonderful art galleries and a superb […]

Get ready for your ski holidays in the French Alps!

Plan ahead if you want cheap French ski resort holidays! With many things in life, it’s best to plan ahead, and ski holidays in the French Alps are no exception to this rule. Thinking ahead isn’t just about getting your […]

Exchange ethics

Renting Your Home

Enjoy your vacation in your exchange partner’s home and when it is time to depart, leave it exactly as you found it. Replace food and other supplies you have used. It is a kind gesture to leave a little surprise […]

Preparing For Your Guests

Leave your home clean and tidy with free storage space in the bedrooms and kitchen for your guests’ needs. Make up the beds which will be used with clean bed linen and provide clean towels. If your guests have agreed […]

Information Package

Real Estate informations

Leaflets, maps, recommended local restaurants, bus and train timetables may add considerable information to the local links and travelling links you already listed when registered. Your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitor’s Bureau will be able to help with local […]