Risks of Home Exchange

People Travel the World accepts members’ listings on trust. It would be impossible to thoroughly vet each member and at the same time keep the cost of membership at a realistic level. Generally though, it is much safer to have your home occupied while you are away.

Cover risks

Cover risks

The most likely cause for concern is cancellation of a firm agreement. However, if you have arranged adequate insurance and have done all the groundwork before finally agreeing to an exchange, you should have few problems.

Although damage to property can happen, this is rarely a serious problem – having someone in your own home is a great incentive to treat your exchange partner’s home with care. Should any accidents or damage occur, the rule is straightforward enough: whoever caused the damage is responsible its replacement or having it repaired.

The most common problem which can occur is simply a difference in housekeeping standards. It is irritating if you have worked hard to ensure that your own home is clean and tidy before your vacation, only to arrive at a home not nearly as well kept. However, rather than let it spoil your vacation just reflect upon the advantages you will still enjoy even the most modest « lived in » home is sure to provide greater space and comfort than a spotless hotel room.

But having said all that, one overriding factor remains: if you would be so concerned about your home being lived in by strangers that you would not enjoy your vacation, please do not even consider a home exchange vacation.

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