Your home exchange agent

Home exchange agent

Try to arrange to overlap with your exchange partner, if only for a few hours, as both parties will feel more assured if they have been able to meet. If possible it is a good idea for one of the […]

Risks of Home Exchange

Cover risks

People Travel the World accepts members’ listings on trust. It would be impossible to thoroughly vet each member and at the same time keep the cost of membership at a realistic level. Generally though, it is much safer to have […]

Exchange Agreement

Exchange Agreement

When you are fully satisfied with all the arrangements agreed with your partners, you may wish to write a short exchange agreement stating the dates of the exchange and listing all decisions taken. Sign it and send two copies to […]


If you are offering to exchange cars or yachts, check that your auto insurance covers your exchange visitor. As with home insurance, auto and yacht insurance is usually in force for thirty days, but this must be checked with your […]

How do you arrange everything for the better

Bills – sort out and agree which bills you and your partner will pay. Many home exchangers find it generally works well to continue paying their own household bills apart from the telephone bill. If you normally employ domestic help, […]

What is Home Exchange

We offer you the opportunity to register and exchange your private home, cottage house, motor home or yacht! The principle of exchanging, bartering or swapping your house is well know – the principle of exchanging your motor home or yacht […]

Contingency Plans

Home Exchange

One of the most critical parts of home exchanging is understanding that once you make a firm commitment, people miles away are counting upon you to honor that arrangement. If they have committed themselves to actually purchasing tickets, then their […]